Exploring Wind Turbines Advantages and Disadvantages

Wind turbines are the major sources for generating wind renewable energy. Did you know that wind is actually a form of solar energy since winds are generated by atmospheric heating (therefore the contribution of solar energy)!!!

What is Wind Turbine? With the development in design and technology, a single turbine can supply the electricity needs of a whole home or a group of homes (or commercial properties).

However, one has to remember that like any other renewable energy source, there are many advantages and disadvantages of this technology.

Here are some distinct advantages of wind renewable energy:

1. Wind is free and now we have technology to capture it and convert it into electricity.

2. Electricity created using wind energy do not produce any green house gases and therefore do not pollute the environment.

3. Wind mills are tall structures and can be installed on a small piece of land. Therefore, space is not as much an issue in generating wind energy.

4. Depending on people’s aesthetic sense, this can be an advantage and disadvantage. Many people love pictures of windmills, wind farms, and turbines in creating an exciting landscape but others feel differently.

5. People and places that are

off grid (no power supply from the traditional power companies) can still have access to electricity by installing this renewable energy source and creating their own electricity.

6. On the same note, renewable energy technologies can really be a game-changer in developing countries where people just do not access to traditional electricity due to poor infrastructure.

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Here are some distinct disadvantages of wind energy

1. Although free, wind energy generation depends on the fact if wind is flowing. That is something we can’t control and the strength of wind can vary during different times of the day or during seasons. This creates a problem specifically if the wind turbine is not connected to the traditional grid. One might have to invest in batteries to store the wind electricity to be used during the time when there is low or no wind supply. It is also the place where one can supplement their energy with solar energy OR geothermal energy.

2. This one comes down to individual preference in terms of landscape and can be an advantage or disadvantage. A lot of people feel that rural areas (and countryside) should be left alone and not be spoiled by installing man-made structures to maintain the natural beauty. People are on both sides of this debate so it is totally up to you how you feel about it.

3. Another disadvantage is the

noise these structures generate (specially the big ones). In fact, many people have noted that when they have a wind turbine installed close to their house, it feels like living close to a busy road with lots of traffic.

4. Although once installed, the electricity produced by this renewable energy technology produces no pollution but the production of wind turbines does contribute to industrial pollution. Some people argue that the trade off is totally worth the long-term outcomes of having zero carbon footprints.

5. Electricity produced by this alternative energy source can now power a lot of houses. The biggest on-shore turbine produces enough electricity to power more than 800 homes. However, that still doesn’t compare to electricity supplied by traditional grids that power thousands of homes.

6. The cost of wind technology installation have gone done significantly in the past 10 decades, still the initial investment is higher than traditional electricity grids. One can take advantage federal tax credits AND state incentives to lower the installation cost but will still need to have a long term view of this renewable energy installment.

Therefore, please do understand the advantages and disadvantages of this renewable energy source to make an informed decision.

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