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Wind Energy Companies India are playing an important role in the renewable energy sector in India. It is now a well-acknowledged fact that wind energy constitutes the major chunk of alternative energy mix in India. More than 20 viable sites across 12 states having a total capacity of around 50 GW wind energy have been identified. This has been corroborated by the presence of seven top global wind turbine manufacturers in India. Let us take a brief look into what the top 10 wind energy companies India (not necessarily in order) have on offer:

1. Suzlon Energy: With a consolidated capacity of 3600 MW per annum, Suzlon is a market leader in wind energy companies India. Globally placed in the top five among wind turbine manufacturing groups, the company is known to have refined R&D capabilities along with a renowned integrated supply chain. With its headquarters in Pune, Suzlon is India’s first native wind companies.

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2. RRB Energy: Rated as one of the foremost certified companies in the wind energy sector, RRB Energy has evolved into a pioneer in wind generation right since its inception in 1987. It has unique facilities for the manufacture of WEG blades outside Europe. During 2012-13, the company is set to reach an overall wind generation capacity of 800 MW in India.


3. Regen Powertech: Another reputed wind company manufacturing world-class wind turbines with state-of-the-art R&D facilities. It stands out as the country’s largest manufacturer of gearless MW class wind turbines. Among its most recent initiatives is the setting up of a 300 MW manufacturing facility in Tada, Andhra Pradesh.


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4. SRC Green Power: Located in Chennai, this wind energy company is recognized for its revolutionary 250 KW wind turbine that has proved itself globally. Spanning over 20 years of exceptional performance, these turbines come with easily available spares and they work under diverse climatic conditions.


5. Lietnar Shriram Limited: This wind energy company India is the culmination of a joint venture between Lietnar of Italy and the Shriram Group from India. It has been manufacturing and supplying 1.5 MW capacity gearless turbines to a number of farms in Maharashtra. Lietnar Shriram also has a reputed in-house customer in Orient Greeen Power.


6. WinWind: Although not a pure domestic company, this wind power company is jointly owned by Siva Group along with the Abu Dhabi Masdar and the government of Finland. WinWind offers a variety of services product options apart from 1 MW and 3 MW wind turbines, which are slated to be manufactured in its Indian plant soon.


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7. Gamesa: Another global wind turbine manufacturer that set up shop near Chennai in 2010 with plans to establish more factories in Gujarat. The company has managed to create green jobs for hundreds of job seekers in India. Its manufacturing capacity is set to increase up to 800 MW by 2013.


8. Pioneer Wincon Backed by 30 years of operational experience in India, this wind power company has set standards for the native wind energy sector. It is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified company that manufactures 750 KW and 250 KW turbines.


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9. Chiranjjeevi Wind Energy: This wind power company in India is mainly engaged in the production of small capacity 250 KW wind turbines besides advanced WEGs. It has to its credit the establishment of more than 600 WEGs across Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Karnataka and Maharashtra.


10. Kenersys: Now a part of the Baba Kalyani Group, this German origin company primarily manufactures 2 and 2.5 KW wind turbines with fully functional production facilities in India. According to industry experts, Kenersys has capabilities to make its mark with wind design potential in the range of 1 -3.6 MW.


Therefore, there are multiple wind energy companies India that are making a significant contribution to the green energy sector

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