Top 10 Solar Companies in World

Solar Companies in the world are growing fast and the global competition in this alternative energy sector is fierce. The only problem with the existing solar energy is its high cost although it brings high dividends in the long-term scenario. However, things are changing rapidly, and costs have come down considerably in the past few years. Solar power plants are emerging as an integral part of the power grid from which the power companies provide electricity at our homes.

Here is a list of the top players in the solar power sector:

10. Jinko Solar

Jinko Solar based in China has been in the solar power business since 2009 and has an estimated power production capacity of 1.5 GW as on 2011. This solar energy company use mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline silicon solar cells in their panels. Jinko Solar is placed on the 10th spot in the list of top 10 companies in the world.

9. Hanwha Solar One

Based IN China, Hanwha Solar One is involved in both mono and poly-crystalline silicon technology for the production of photovoltaic cells and modules, and has an overall production capacity of 1.5 GW. This solar power company has been providing solar energy services since 2004.

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8. Yingli Green Energy

With an estimated production, capacity of 1.7 GW Yingli Green Energy is also from China and has been operating since 2002. They also use mono and poly c-Si technology in their solar power panels. Yingli is on the eighth position in the top 10 solar companies list.

7. Trina Solar

The solar power industry is heavily dominated by China and Trina Solar is yet another key global player in the field of solar power production. In business since 2004, this solar company has an overall capacity of 1.9 GW as on 2011.

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6. Canadian Solar

One of the top solar companies in the world, Canadian Solar is non-Chinese, operates out of Ontario, Canada but has its presence in the Chinese mainland! With an estimated production capacity of 2.0 GW solar powers, they use mono c-Si and poly c-Si technologies. Canadian Solar also is new in the young industry, but still it has made its way for the sixth place in our list.

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5. JA Solar

JA Solar is yet another solar power company from the Chinese homeland in operation since 2006. It has an estimated production capacity of 2.2 GW.

4. First Solar

First Solar power company has its headquarters at Arizona, USA and operates in the US, Germany and Malaysia. The company has been in the power production business since 2005 and the specific feature of First Solar that it uses thin silicon film wafers for its solar cells. The estimated production capacity of the solar company is 2.3 GW. The reason is clear why it is on the fourth position of our list.

3. Suntech Power

Another Chinese solar energy company occupies the third place overall in the solar power market- Suntech Power. It provides solar power systems in Japan, Germany, and the US apart from China. It has been using mono c-Si, poly c-Si, and thin film technologies in its solar panels. It produces an estimated 2.4 GW of solar energy globally.

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2. Sharp Solar

Sharp Solar has been operating from Osaka Japan since 1963 and is the oldest solar company but is still going strong. With a net power output of 2.8 GW, it operates across Japan, UK, and USA.

1. LDK Solar

The largest solar power company in the world making PV cells and modules is LDK Solar, which burst into the scene only in 2010. It is a Chinese solar power company and operates out of Xinyu City, Jiangxi, China. The solar panels from LDK Solar use mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline technologies in their solar power plants. LDK Solar has an estimated production capacity of 3.0 GW in 2011. This top performer solar power company has secured the top spot in our list of top 10 solar companies in the world.

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